Sustainable development and environment protection.

 From the washing of the vehicles to sorting waste, not to mention waste water treatment, QUB has found solutions that respect the environment.

Washing vehicles

With a view to economizing on water consumption and respecting the environment, the washing of the outside of our vehicles is done by a machine linked to a recycling and wastewater treatment centre. This machine recovers rainwater for the purpose of cleaning buses. Then after cleaning the buses, the wastewater is treated.

This economises on nearly 80% of the water volume needed to wash the buses daily.

Treatment of industrial discharge and waste

All the QUB installations are connected to hydrocarbon separators. Therefore only depolluted waters are discharged, in compliance with the international ISO 14021 standard.

 Selected sorting is used in the management of waste (steel, batteries, grease, other bulky waste, plastics; etc.) collected and retreated by specialized companies. Through this collection the majority of our waste can be recycled.

Recycling paper

QUB implemented a paper recycling process in 2012.

Our office waste is recycled by Eco-Action-Plus.