For many of Quimper's inhabitants QUB buses and coaches are an important part of daily life, whether they are employees, school-goers, pensioners or just visitors. Proof of this lies in the 23,000 trips made every day on the network.

Quimper Community

  •     Since the year 2000, the organization and the financing of public transport has been managed by the Quimper Urban Community, made up of 8 towns and representing 90,000 inhabitants, within the scope of its authority.
  •     Quimper Community guarantees the financial stability of the service by subsidizing every trip made.
  •     Quimper Community also decides on the developments of the QUB network and the HandiQUB service, sets the fares and travelcards and tickets and makes the investments necessary for the proper running of this service (buying of buses and minibuses, bus stop facilities, etc.).

Keolis Quimper

Within the framework of a public service delegation procedure, Keolis Quimper has been running the QUB network for Quimper Community since 1986, as well as the HandiQUB service since 2003.

Keolis Quimper (135 employees) a subsidiary of the Keolis group, leader in public transport solutions in France and a key international player with a presence in 8 European countries and Canada.

Every day, Keolis provides travel solutions for millions of people in France and abroad. Always ready to listen to its travelling customers, local authorities and private companies, the Group offers customized, innovative mobility solutions adapted to every travelling challenge.

Urban transport network operator for more than 80 urban areas in France, KEOLIS is a key player of the interurban sector in 65 départements (administrative division).

In this way, Keolis Quimper capitalizes on the experience and know-how of a group of 40,000 workers, 29,000 of which are bus, coach, tramway, metro and train drivers.

Keolis Quimper's objective is to operate the urban lines daily and assist Quimper Community in its decisions. Keolis Quimper is also responsible for the upkeep of the vehicles made available and it also ensure the sales management of the network (studies, information for travellers, sales).

For the operation of suburban lines, Keolis Quimper calls on several contractors in the Quimper basin, who provide the service daily.