Make sure you have a ticket or travelcard.

Check that it is valid.

Keep it until you get off the bus.

Avoid being fined.

To be sure that everything is in order and the spare you the annoyance of a fine, here is some advice worth following:

  •     Scan your travelcard or ticket when you get on the bus.
  •     Keep your ticket handy until you get off.
  •     Pay attention to the expiry date of your travelcard or ticket.
  •     Single tickets and 10 trip tickets are valid for one hour from the time they are scanned.
  •     Once the ticket has been scanned, it is personal. You do not have the right to give it away or sell it.

Why scan your ticket or card?    

  •     To ensure all passengers are treated equally (customers who have paid and ticket dodgers)
  •     To measure how often the line is used more accurately
  •     To adapt the network to changes and new habits