UZUËL+ travelcard - cheap travel for the TER and QUB networks

If you have a TER Bretagne railcard and you wish to continue your journey on the QUB network, TER Bretagne offers a supplement to your railcard, at a very affordable price.

How to get your UZUËL+

To obtain your UZUËL+ travelcard, look for information in one of the SNCF railway stations or shops in the region of Brittany. Once established, a KorriGo travelcard will be placed at your disposal in the Quimper railway station. 

 Information and fares in Gares SNCF et TER Bretagne.


(*prices on 01/07/2015)
7 days / under 26 ans4.20 €
monthly / under 26 ans12.50 €
7 days / over 26 ans5.40 €
monthly / over 26 ans16 €

Travel is unlimited on the QUB network for the duration of the travelcard. All that is required is to present the smartcard when you get on the bus.

QUB lines

The following lines serve the railway station: :

  • <media 19327>Ligne 7</media>
  • <media 19328 - - "APPLICATION, QUB-guide-ligne8-WEB-V1, QUB-guide-ligne8-WEB-V1.pdf, 276 KB">Ligne 8</media>
  • <media 19329 (_blank) - "APPLICATION, QUB-guide-ligne9-100x130 WEB, QUB-guide-ligne9-100x130_WEB.pdf, 1.0 MB">Ligne 9</media>
  • <media 19331 (_blank) - "APPLICATION, QUB-guide-ligne11-100x130 WEB, QUB-guide-ligne11-100x130_WEB.pdf, 1.0 MB">Ligne 12</media>
  • <media 19332>Ligne13</media>

The Pont Firmin bus stop located a few metres away is served by<media 19323 (_blank) - "APPLICATION, QUB-guide-ligne1-100x130 WEB, QUB-guide-ligne1-100x130_WEB.pdf, 1.1 MB"> ligne 1 going to Keradennec/Moulin des Landes</media> and <media 19324 (_blank) - "APPLICATION, QUB-guide-ligne2-100x130 WEB, QUB-guide-ligne2-100x130_WEB.pdf, 1.1 MB">ligne 2 going to Petit Guélen. </media><media 11162 (_blank) - "APPLICATION, QUB-guide-ligne2-100x130 WEB, QUB-guide-ligne2-100x130_WEB.pdf, 1.1 MB"></media>